How to book with us: They are few ways to book with us. You can either call or text us to find out your price. You can check the price to our online booking system. To figure your price of a trip. Booking fee plus distance you wish to travel plus sale tax. Our minimum fee is $21.95 plus sale tax per trip for pick up over 5 miles away from our office.. For example: our booking fee is right now $5. Let say that your distance from your pick up address is 3 miles (X $1.15) so you have $5 plus (3x$1.15) plus the sale tax is between( 6 to 9 % ) but our minimum fee must be $21.95 only apply for pick up over 5 miles from our company so this is what you pay us. You can download our passenger app to track your driver or you can use our online booking system. We send you ETA of the driver by texting you a message to your mobile when the driver has arrived to your location.

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